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Updated: Jan 12th 2020

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The Forest of Dean Weather Centre issues Severe Weather Warnings whenever severe weather is occurring in, or is expected to develop or move into, our forecast area. The warnings describe the area under threat and the expected hazards. Warnings are issued with varying lead-times, depending on the weather situation, and range from just an hour or two to 24 hours or sometimes more.

What weather conditions are Severe Weather Warnings issued for?

Severe Weather Warnings are issued for:

What information is included in the Severe Weather Warning?

Severe Weather Warnings can contain the following information:

How often is a Severe Weather Warning updated?

While the threat remains, a Severe Weather Warning will usually be updated at least every 24 hours, however more frequent warnings may be issued if required.

Typical weather patterns that can cause severe weather

Why do we issue Severe Weather Warnings?

While the responsibility for issuing severe weather warnings lies with the UK Meteorological Office, we issue warnings specific to the local area. These warnings will often, but not always, reflect those issued by the Met Office. Our warnings provide greater local detail than the national warnings. For the latest official weather warnings please visit the Met Office website at

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