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Updated: Jan 12th 2020

Daily Forecasts

Forecasts are issued daily between 6pm and 9pm and cover the following 2 days. These forecasts give an overview of the most likely weather expected during that period, along with expected temperatures and any brief details on severe weather. These forecasts also include details on air pollution year-round, and UV and Pollen levels from April to September.

Weather Alerts

When severe or signficant weather is expected to affect any part of the forecast area, details are provided in detail on our Facebook page and via banners on our mobile and desktop websites. More details on our Severe Weather Warning services can be found here.

Weather & Flood Data

We provide free access to radar, satellite, and lightning data - some updated as quickly as every 5 minutes. Additionally, we also provide access to the latest flood alerts and warnings issued by the Environment Agency.

Premium Services - Coming Soon

In addition to the array of free services we provide, FoD Weather will shortly be launching Premium Services. These will include bespoke forecasts tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our clients and will range from one-off forecasts to longer range forecasts and planning, as well as recurring services. However, our current suite of free services will always remain free and open to all.


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